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SnoopStick Inoculator

We receive quite a few inquiries from people who would like to know how they can protect themselves against someone using SnoopStick illegally to monitor their activities. Unfortunately, there are many good products that have been created with absolutely good intentions that can be used for potentially illegal activities and/or invasion of someone's privacy. SnoopStick was created primarily to help parents supervise their kids online activities. We realize however, that there are possibilities for abuse.

To address these concerns we have created an "inoculator" program that you can run on your computer to guarantee that no one will be able to install SnoopStick without your permission. If someone does try to install SnoopStick, the installation will fail.

When you inoculate your computer, we will also maintain a unique ID for you. If anyone ever tries to install SnoopStick on your computer, you will be immediately notified by email. Once you install the inoculator, it is good for the life of the computer.

We have also created a LAN scanner that will let network administrators scan their networks from a workstation to see if any computers on their network to identify unauthorized SnoopStick installations. If you would like more information about the SnoopStick LAN Scanner, please click here.

  Download the SnoopStick Inoculator (For Windows XP and Vista)

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