Monitor and control access to your home or office computer and laptops from anywhere, anytime.
It is as simple as...

Simply insert a SnoopStick device into a USB port on the computer you want to monitor.
Run the 60 second setup program. This installs the secret monitoring systems on the target computer.
Remove the SnoopStick and take it with you. You can now use your SnoopStick device to monitor and control that computer from any other computer, anytime you like.

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bullet Monitor real-time activity
bullet View recorded activity from any day
bullet View instant messages
bullet Record websites visited
bullet See real time recorded screen snapshots
bullet Records all incoming and outgoing e-mail activity
bullet Restrict activity by name or type of program
bullet Restrict activity by day and time
bullet Restrict access to selected websites
bullet Disable/enable all Internet access remotely
bullet Completely invisible to user
bullet Automatically updated in background


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